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Rise of the “Nones”

Religion in America is in the midst of a dramatic change. The change is not what most people believe. I remember hearing about the rise of fundamentalism. Actually, evangelical fundamentalism is in slow decline and has not grown in 20 years. Biblical literalism is less than half of what it was 50 years ago, down …

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From the Road: Tucson

I find it painful to listen to their stories. We all do. We heard the stories of six Tucson area Latino and Latina students who were either seniors in high school or recent graduates. They were all near the top of their class, taking advanced placement and honors courses. They dream of college majors in …

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Sexuality and Religion

We Unitarian Universalists can be proud of our long term commitment to sexual health and responsibility.  Our “Our Whole Lives” curriculum is a model.  Thousands of young people have benefited enormously from participating in it. Our “Welcoming Congregation” program has done much to build acceptance and understanding of LGBT people. However, needs change. Last year …

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