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The Road Ahead

What a year we have before us! The UUA staff is laying out plans for additional outreach in our “Congregations and Beyond” initiatives, collaboration with other faith groups, modernizing communications, new forms of professional development for religious professionals, and a move to a new headquarters. And those are just what we lovingly call “the big …

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Giving and Receiving

When I was a editor and publisher of small newspapers, letters to the editor were always a source of some amusement. Most of them were legitimate comments on community issues. Some, however, were off the wall. Some of these were actually a little frightening, for they revealed some level of derangement. As UUA president, I …

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Sharing Our Stories

One of the best things about being UUA president is that I have the good fortune to work with dedicated, idealistic and highly capable people. Our staff cares deeply about Unitarian Universalism and they are deeply committed to our core values. The people I work most closely with, the heads of our staff groups, also …

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