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Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I cherish it because it centers on a fundamental religious sentiment: gratitude. Gratitude is at the core of any mature spirituality. Another reason I have always loved Thanksgiving is that it always involves sharing with people we love. Thanksgiving is about relationships that shape and support us. I …

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From the Road: Interfaith Rituals

Among the greatest gifts of crossing religious and cultural boundaries is that we come to understand ourselves more clearly. On this trip to Japan I had the opportunity to visit briefly other religious partners: the Konko Church of Izuo (a modern Shinto movement), the Tsubaki Grand Shrine (one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan …

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What Centers You?

Last Saturday afternoon I needed to run a minor errand at a nearby shopping center. My old belt was falling apart and I needed to pick up a new one. What in the world was I thinking? As we got closer, traffic slowed to a hobble. The parking lot was packed. Once in the store …

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