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Be Not Afraid

The Huffington Post published a blog post I wrote on this election season. In it, I talk about the fear that lies at the heart of the deep political polarization we saw during these elections and how, as people of faith, we must show another way. Read the full post here.

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UU-UNO: Voice of Our Values

When I think of the great issues that will shape our collective future, I realize that virtually all of these issues are international in scope. The overwhelming issue of sustainability—an issue which includes global warming, environmental justice and global inequality—is obviously an international issue. While we often think of America’s controversy over immigration as a …

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Wealth and the 47%

As I write this there is a lot of commentary flying around in places like the New York Times and Washington Post about a video in which Mitt Romney makes disparaging remarks about 47 percent of Americans. In case you have missed it, someone secretly took a video of Romney at a private fund raising …

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Service and Military Chaplaincy

We all know that we live in a pluralistic world—including a world that is religiously pluralistic. Probably no one lives in that world as fully as chaplains that serve the military, hospitals, hospices and prisons. Unitarian Universalist ministers are particularly well suited to chaplaincy in our multi-faith society. We already respect and affirm the wisdom …

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Fear and Denial in Politics

I would like to think that the nastiness of the American presidential campaign is a new low. As bad as it is, I only have to think back to other recent campaigns to see races that set a pretty low bar. And, taking the longer view, we can find lots of tawdry examples. Of course, …

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