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The Business of Fear

None of us knows all the details of what happened in the killing of Trayvon Martin. The details, indeed, will never be known. I am certain that even George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Martin and who is the only surviving witness, does not remember. Memory is partial and usually self serving. Any …

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From the Road: Hiroshima

The word “Hiroshima” has become synonymous with the horrors of nuclear war. Unfortunately, we need to be horrified now and then. We need to see and feel just how terrible war is and how particularly horrifying nuclear war would be. A visit to Hiroshima’s Peace Park and the Memorial Museum both succeed and fail in …

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From the Road: Marriage Equality Witness in Virginia

One of the blessings of serving as UUA president is being inspired by the idealism and commitment of UU’s across the country. On Valentine’s Day I had the honor of participating in two separate public witness events advocating for marriage equality in the state of Virginia. In each case, a same sex couple that has …

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From the Road: Tucson

I find it painful to listen to their stories. We all do. We heard the stories of six Tucson area Latino and Latina students who were either seniors in high school or recent graduates. They were all near the top of their class, taking advanced placement and honors courses. They dream of college majors in …

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The Roots of Hate

Yesterday the UUA posted a response to the Dept. of Justice’s report that takes Sheriff Joe Arpaio to task for civil rights violations. As you can read, I think the DOJ has, through its delay and inaction, allowed human rights violations to proceed unchecked. The people who are supposed to defend our liberty have become …

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