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From the Road: Reunion

When I entered seminary, a month shy of my 50th birthday, it came as a surprise to people who had known me for many years. I remember the wife of my undergraduate economics professor, herself a sociologist, commenting that she had just read an article about middle aged people (or, in my case, past middle …

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From the Road: Meadville Lombard Commencement

I love graduations. They are wonderful celebrations that also put us in mind of some of our core values—hope, high aspirations, honoring human accomplishment, mutual support. Besides, at graduations people are so happy that it is contagious. Like weddings, graduations also turn out to be reunions of family and friends. I had the privilege of …

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Every Child is Our Child

$120! That’s all. A lousy 120 bucks for a whole year. It boggles the mind. At first I thought I had heard wrong. It costs only $120 to send an orphaned child whose parents died of HIV/AIDS to school for a year in Ghana. Right now our small program, begun by the UU United Nations …

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From Odumase, Ghana: Education is Medicine

Below is a post from our Faith Without Borders blog. Lorella Hess is a member of the UUA delegation that is currently visiting the “Every Child is Our Child” program partners of the UU-UNO in Ghana. In this blogpost she shares reflections following visits to schools near Odumase. Conditions in these schools are primitive. The …

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From the Road: CWA in Boulder

When I lived in Colorado I never attended the University of Colorado’s annual weeklong Conference on World Affairs (CWA). What a mistake. I am spending this week as one of 100 invited panelists. I just returned from a panel entitled “A Spiritual Soup: Defining Faith.” In the previous couple of days I have been on …

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