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Lighten Up

With dog puppet “Theodore Barker” in UU Church of Bloomington, IN.

I have always been fascinated by why some congregations grow and thrive while others decline and struggle. I have read any number of studies on the subject. Lately I have noticed something that healthy congregations have in common, something that I don’t see talked about much in the literature or in workshops on membership. It …

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Congregations and Beyond: Consultation

Some cynical wit once observed that there are two kinds of meetings—some meetings are preparations for action while other meetings are substitutes for action. Alas, I have been to plenty of meetings that fall into the “substitutes for action” category. But two weeks ago I attended a meeting that has the potential to have a …

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From the Road: Mexico City

I have been hoping to visit the UU community in Mexico City for a couple of years, but things never worked out schedule-wise. Last week I finally got the chance, and it was a great experience. One of the exciting things happening in the international world of Unitarian Universalism is the springing up of UU …

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From the Road: Nogales

Father Pete greets our small delegation with a big smile and a loud voice. We arrive at the “comedor” (dining room) in the early afternoon to help serve a meal to people who have just been deported. The comedor is a simple room with a tiny kitchen (we Americans wouldn’t want an apartment with a …

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From the Road: On the Border

Picking grapefruit and oranges. Walking in the desert where migrants die by the thousands. Dinner with a small intentional community that devotes itself to helping migrants who are released and have nowhere to go. Not a typical day at the office. This was the second day of our BorderLinks delegation learning trip to Tucson and …

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