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Wealth and the 47%

As I write this there is a lot of commentary flying around in places like the New York Times and Washington Post about a video in which Mitt Romney makes disparaging remarks about 47 percent of Americans. In case you have missed it, someone secretly took a video of Romney at a private fund raising …

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Fear and Denial in Politics

I would like to think that the nastiness of the American presidential campaign is a new low. As bad as it is, I only have to think back to other recent campaigns to see races that set a pretty low bar. And, taking the longer view, we can find lots of tawdry examples. Of course, …

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From the Road: Reunion

When I entered seminary, a month shy of my 50th birthday, it came as a surprise to people who had known me for many years. I remember the wife of my undergraduate economics professor, herself a sociologist, commenting that she had just read an article about middle aged people (or, in my case, past middle …

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Restoring Trust

A broad based national coalition of immigrant rights organizations and faith communities  has launched a national campaign to mitigate the worst effects of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Secure-Communities Program (S-Comm). I was informed of this group by the Rev. Craig Roshaven, the UUA’s Witness Ministries Director. Craig is based in our Washington, D. …

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From the Road: CWA in Boulder

When I lived in Colorado I never attended the University of Colorado’s annual weeklong Conference on World Affairs (CWA). What a mistake. I am spending this week as one of 100 invited panelists. I just returned from a panel entitled “A Spiritual Soup: Defining Faith.” In the previous couple of days I have been on …

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