Sharing Our Stories

One of the best things about being UUA president is that I have the good fortune to work with dedicated, idealistic and highly capable people. Our staff cares deeply about Unitarian Universalism and they are deeply committed to our core values. The people I work most closely with, the heads of our staff groups, also work like beavers. I don’t know how many times I have thought of something late at night, fired off an email so that I don’t forget about it, and then receive a reply in a few minutes.

As I go around the country and converse with UUs, I also realize that we don’t do nearly as well as we should at telling the story of the good work our staff is doing.

This really hit home in the last few weeks as we prepared reports for the Veatch Program at Shelter Rock (which gives the UUA a generous annual grant) and for the UUA Board of Trustees. To tell the truth, I learned some new things I had not been aware of and was reminded of others. As I read through the accomplishments I felt a sense of pride.

In the report we prepared for the board, you can learn about work in ministry, social justice work, public witness activities, publishing, youth and young adult initiatives, international work, multicultural ministry, and lots more.

I suggest you take the report in small chunks. Skip around to areas that particularly interest you. I think you will feel the same sense of pride in our movement that I felt when reviewing it.

Oh, and one more thing: share this. Tell other UUs.

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