Hot Off the Press

One of the quiet things our Association does that is so very valuable is publishing terrific books. Today I would like to highlight a couple of terrific new books from Skinner House.

By Michelle Bates Deakin, Senior Editor, UUWorld magazine

The first is Social Action Heroes: Unitarian Universalists Who Are Changing the World by Michelle Bates Deakin, Senior Editor of UUWorld magazine. Here are stories of ordinary UUs who are doing extraordinary things. Among the stories are “Ending Torture,” “Building Bridges Across Race,” and “Fighting for People with HIV/AIDS.” The story about ending torture tells of the work of  the Rev. Karen Tse. Karen will deliver the sermon during the Service of the Living Tradition at our Justice GA in Phoenix next June.

By UU minister the Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Another new Skinner House Book is Shine and Shadow, a collection of meditations by the Rev. Kathleen McTigue. “Kaki” is senior minister of our congregation in New Haven, Conn. Over the years, Skinner House has published a bookshelf full of short collections of meditations. They are a treasure trove for personal reflection and for readings at worship and other gatherings.

There are so many fabulous titles. Check out the UUA Bookstore.

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