Restoring Trust

Craig Roshaven, UUA's Witness Ministries Director

A broad based national coalition of immigrant rights organizations and faith communities  has launched a national campaign to mitigate the worst effects of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Secure-Communities Program (S-Comm). I was informed of this group by the Rev. Craig Roshaven, the UUA’s Witness Ministries Director. Craig is based in our Washington, D. C., office.

The name of the campaign is Restoring Trust: Breaking ICE’s Hold on Our Communities. The Campaign’s goal is to establish 20 advocacy teams across the country by the end of the year to change how law enforcement will respond to requests by ICE to hold people who’ve been arrested or detained for an additional 48 hours.

Maria Hinojosa, GA 2012 Ware Lecturer

Maria Hinojosa, this year’s Ware Lecturer at our General Assembly, did a PBS Frontline documentary “Lost in Detention,” which focused on the worst effects of S-Comm. If you have not seen this program, you should take a look at it. Restoring Trust offers UUs and our partners a meaningful way to respond to what she reported.

One of the goals of this year’s Justice General Assembly is for our congregations to bring the ongoing work of justice home. The Restoring Trust Campaign offers Unitarian Universalist leaders and congregations a significant opportunity for sustained and meaningful immigrant justice advocacy. The Campaign has significant support from national faith and immigrant rights organizations.

This is definitely worth exploring. More information is available on the Interfaith Immigration Coalition website.

Our commitment to justice, equity and compassion is fundamental to our faith. Working together with interfaith partners and local groups is critical to our success.

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