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From the Road: Our Religious, Compassionate Justice GA

GA is over and I am exhausted! But what a wondrous, satisfying, joyful fatigue this is. I have rarely felt such gratitude—gratitude for colleagues, for our partners, for our guest speakers. My head is still spinning. This was an extraordinary General Assembly. In the days ahead I want to reflect on why so many of …

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From the Road: Welcome to Justice General Assembly

There is something eerie about touring an empty convention center before General Assembly. It is a little like an empty stadium before a big game. Yesterday morning I walked around the Phoenix Convention Center, getting a sense of the layout and locating the venues for many of the events I will be attending. (I count …

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Giving and Receiving

When I was a editor and publisher of small newspapers, letters to the editor were always a source of some amusement. Most of them were legitimate comments on community issues. Some, however, were off the wall. Some of these were actually a little frightening, for they revealed some level of derangement. As UUA president, I …

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Supporting Marriage Equality

I am proud of the way Unitarian Universalists have been leaders in the full acceptance of LGBT people. We have been leaders in the faith community on issues of gender equality. I am proud of the way we have “walked our talk” with the acceptance of LGBT clergy in our congregations. In recent years, our …

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